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So here i are is! I got nutting to say but, i am l3370r2!. If anyone wa Mrtroidnts to do a collab im open for ideas!

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LoveShineHero's News

Posted by LoveShineHero - March 10th, 2009

watch it

Posted by LoveShineHero - February 3rd, 2009

ego gave meh animation a 10/10

Posted by LoveShineHero - January 26th, 2009

So i feel like trying out a real post.

First of all i made a new animation. Im quite proud of it, even though it sucks, it's called Hey DickFace!

Im also have an ew animation in the works (all keyframes) called Grunts of War it's a gears of war animation, that makes fun of Marcus and Dom. It's all about grunting it's going very smoothley

And i dont understand why everyone is hating on Hey DickFace. I though cock jokes were loved her *sigh*

Heres a list of movies you FUCKING BETTER WATCH

: Pulp Fiction
: Sweeney Todd
: The Shawshank Redemption
: The Good The Bad The Ugly
: Reservoir Dogs
: Tenacious D
: Step Brothers
: Mean Girls
: Dusk till Dawn
: Sin City + Read the graphic novels
: Planet Terror + Death Proof

Well this was my only good post, please watch some of my flash and review, alot of them suck dick though

Time for a fun loving Post and NEW ANIMATION!

Posted by LoveShineHero - November 6th, 2008


Posted by LoveShineHero - October 8th, 2008

Well im making a new psot, i wonder if anyone on teh interwebs cares. Well heres a few video to tide over you cow moking whores

/* */

/* */
Well enjoy those. Yeh so im very close to finishing Console buddies (awesome) way better thne my other stuff. (which is not saying much HAHAHAHAH doucebags) Well enjoy my mega flower of doom upon the seasquals of demonocity maddness, Bye

BTW: PSN ID: LoveshineHero Add me we play warhawk and shit FUCK YOU 360 OWNERS
Teh uber l3370Rz NUB OUT

The Suffice Of Boredom

Posted by LoveShineHero - July 13th, 2008

Harukenand me are gonna start working on a new flash called Console Buddies It's gonna be about The wii The 360 and The PS3 living in an apratment, with other consoles as side characters. It gonna be a lil bit like seinfeld. For example The dreamcast lives down the hall from them and he's exactly like Numen (from seinfeld) Well heres a preview pic so i hope you look forward to it

Console Buddies

Posted by LoveShineHero - July 12th, 2008

It finally done yayyyyyyyyyy

Posted by LoveShineHero - July 7th, 2008

So i might get to be in the new NG level collab, heres a preview pic

NG Level Collab

Posted by LoveShineHero - June 22nd, 2008

So for my Flash, theres gonna be a scene with Metal Gear Rex. IH drew him and i thought i should put him up on a post so here it is Blaffogey

Pic of Metal Gear Rex

Posted by LoveShineHero - June 19th, 2008

Here it is the project is going awesome

Ohh that Kojima promo image