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Console Buddies

2008-07-13 09:11:21 by LoveShineHero

Harukenand me are gonna start working on a new flash called Console Buddies It's gonna be about The wii The 360 and The PS3 living in an apratment, with other consoles as side characters. It gonna be a lil bit like seinfeld. For example The dreamcast lives down the hall from them and he's exactly like Numen (from seinfeld) Well heres a preview pic so i hope you look forward to it

Console Buddies


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2008-07-13 14:44:23

was up n***a

LoveShineHero responds:

You bastard


2008-07-15 22:03:31



2008-08-01 12:44:51

dickwaffles make the world frown in pain.


2008-09-21 20:15:20

and i would do anything for love...
but i wont do that


2008-09-23 10:08:13

With good jokes, nice animation and voice actors and stuff this could be awesome.


2008-09-23 17:04:48

Well Im a voice actor in this one so It has to be good

LoveShineHero responds:

Little bastards