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Top 12 Video game Characters IMO

2008-06-14 17:06:26 by LoveShineHero

So heres 12 epic characters, that i thought shattered the boundries of AWESOME

12: Sonic and Tails

11: Trilby (Freeware internet game made by Yahtzee)

10: Dante and Nero

9: Metroids

8: Octagon

7: Solid Snake

6: King k Rool

5: Goht (Majoras Mask boss)

4: Gannondorf

3: Cervantes

2: DekuScrubs and Zoras

1: Auron (oops i mean Tankon)

Top 12 Video game Characters IMO

Heres a taste of what ohhh that Kojima! will look like

Promo For Ohhh that Kojima!

Hey ohhh that kojima is going swimenly! (spelt it wrong i know) I have a few voice actors and fianlly figured out how to use a preloader ( I'm such a n00b) So I drew a pic of Metal gear Ray( with a little bit of Hideo Kojima touches :0). It's gonna be in the flash. i might make improvements, over time but heres a rough copy

for those of you who dont know Hideo Kojimas the creator of Metal Gear Solid

News on Ohhh that kojima + Metal Gear Ray

Ohhh that Kojima!

2008-06-10 17:23:36 by LoveShineHero

A new flash about Hide Kojima pulling pranks on the workers of Konami. If you've seen the april fools joke, The Guy from assassins creed in MGS4 (i forgot his name) Well at the end Hideo says "Did you like it" and were planning on Capitalizing this, if any one would like to voice act just PM me, we need voice actor for the workers themselves

Ohhh that Kojima!

New Flash announced

2008-06-09 20:54:38 by LoveShineHero

It called Metal Gear: Useless Soldier It a trailer announcing the next Metal gear game. it's all about the Soldiers you kill in metal gear

New Flash announced

Im in the market for making fun of a game But what game

Need an idea for next flash


2008-06-09 19:17:15 by LoveShineHero

This is my new account ever since newgrounds F'ed up on me. I used to be on my old account Deku3mikou. But now it's loveshinehero


Haze is done

2008-06-09 19:01:36 by LoveShineHero

Yayy im fianlly done check it out