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Time for a fun loving Post and NEW ANIMATION!

2009-01-26 09:21:06 by LoveShineHero

So i feel like trying out a real post.

First of all i made a new animation. Im quite proud of it, even though it sucks, it's called Hey DickFace!

Im also have an ew animation in the works (all keyframes) called Grunts of War it's a gears of war animation, that makes fun of Marcus and Dom. It's all about grunting it's going very smoothley

And i dont understand why everyone is hating on Hey DickFace. I though cock jokes were loved her *sigh*

Heres a list of movies you FUCKING BETTER WATCH

: Pulp Fiction
: Sweeney Todd
: The Shawshank Redemption
: The Good The Bad The Ugly
: Reservoir Dogs
: Tenacious D
: Step Brothers
: Mean Girls
: Dusk till Dawn
: Sin City + Read the graphic novels
: Planet Terror + Death Proof

Well this was my only good post, please watch some of my flash and review, alot of them suck dick though

Time for a fun loving Post and NEW ANIMATION!


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2009-02-02 22:53:45

LOL! Goht in a poncho.